About Us

If you are facing a criminal prosecution, now more than ever the decisions you make going forth will impact not only your life but also the lives of those that care and depend on you. There is no scarier situation than facing the Federal Government or a State level prosecution with your liberty and freedom at stake. It is critical that you choose a lawyer that is dedicated to his craft and committed to his clients. Essentially, you need an attorney that has no fears and is ready to provide the best possible representation regardless of what the charges are.

Attorney Crawford has represented some of the most infamous and disliked individuals in the region, yet he has never deterred from providing his clients with the best possible representation. From alleged terrorists to drug dealers to Government officials, Attorney Crawford never swayed and stayed on course going above and beyond the call of duty in each case.

This is the primary reason many have chosen Attorney Crawford to represent them. Attorney Crawford understands the importance of being a client-centered-attorney. When faced with uncertain possibilities, as it relates to your freedom, the one certainty you do have is that Attorney Crawford will never stop fighting for you.